I hope that this blog will keep a photographic record of my stitching and craftivism endeavours. I’ve found two things hard since deciding to have a go at craftivism; the first is finding the balance point where I think something is good enough to consider it ‘done’ but not getting sucked into the spell of diminishing returns and over-perfecting things (you wouldn’t necessarily know this from the finished work shown!), and the second thing I find hard is letting go.

The whole point of craftivism, as I see it, is to improve the environment a little, to cheer someone on their day, or make them think; to do that you have to fix your banners or crafts to railings, lamposts or park benches and just hope that they reach an audience before someone tears them down or the weather destroys them. You never really know though, just have to trust. My hope is that this will feel a little easier with this record.

The title of this blog comes from some unsolicited feedback, given by a posh woman on the train to Penzance from London who kindly informed me that ‘your end results are quite lovely, which is a surprise given how cack handed your stitching is’. There we are then.